A Walk in the Woods

Partners Realty lists residential homes, commercial properties and land of all types. Recently, I spend a few hours in the woods with Justin Moody — enjoying the perfect afternoon to photograph a portrait of mother nature. Here are just a couple of images I managed to capture:

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Alabama River Photography

Recently I had the opportunity to shoot some photography on the Alabama River near White Hall, Alabama (not far from Selma). This is a small gallery of just some of the shots that were taken during that trip. I’ve already made plans to make a return trip for some additional shots.

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Cicadas Bug

Katydid or Cicadas?

Something that’s bothered me since moving to the south has been the confusion that many southerners make between the Katydid and the Cicadas insects. So, I’ve used this photo opportunity to help clear up this classic case of false identity. The photo you see above is a closeup shot of the outer shell of a […]

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