ScanMGM: Matterport & Google StreetView

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ScanMGM, a professional service of Carter Photography & Design, LLC, offers immersive 3d scan technology to help making your business viewable everywhere and accessible in a variety of formats.

The Matterport system is the only all-in-one reality capture system that gives you realistic, interactive 3D and VR experiences that feel as real as being on location — and ScanMGM wants to work with you to provide your business with the most advanced up-to-date features of the Matterport system.

streetview-corkcleaverWhile we at Carter Photography & Design have been using Matterport scanners in the real estate market for years, it’s only recently that the technology has advanced to the point that businesses in the restaurant, hospitality, retail and travel industry can truly leverage this innovative system  with the help of ScanMGM, Google StreetView and other services and features to bring increased foot traffic through their doors.

Available throughout the SouthEastern United States: Call (334) 462-8535 or email us today to find out more about how ScanMGM services can help you get to know your customers better, improve your online exposure, elevate your Google business listing and bring more customers to your business. Check out how this well known retailer used Matterport to bring new life to the shopping experience [link].

Not in the hospitality or restaurant business? ScanMGM has services available for engineering, construction, insurance, security, etc. — services including floor plans, detailed inspections, collaborative walk-throughs, orientation, promotional videos, high-res still imagery — the applications are limitless. Call (334) 462-8535 or email and let our professionals show you how we can help you take the next step forward in business.

Sample Matterport Scan (not in Google StreetView)



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