World Horseshoe Tournament?

I would have never expected it, and certainly never expected to photograph it — what am I talking about? The NHPA World Horseshoe Tournament 2016. That’s right, a horseshoe tournament, and a “world” horseshoe tournament at that.

Now I’ve always associated horseshoes with old guys at the family reunion or church socials, but undoubtedly it’s a big deal — world wide big deal, and prizes totaling more than $100k! Maybe I should have played a little more at the last family gathering.

The coolest thing is, it’s in Montgomery this year. That’s right, I just photographed the opening ceremonies at the Multiplex in downtown Montgomery and they’ve got over 1,000 participants ranging from what must be 10 to what I know was over 80!

I’ve got to photograph more of the tournament and I’ll get more information at that time, but it’s pretty cool Until then, here are a few shots of opening ceremonies:

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