Photo manipulations, alterations, touch-ups and enhancements are all apart of today’s photography world. There is HDR and Focus Stacking, detail and color enhancements, merging and blending of all kinds — the list of possibilities is endless. While my preference is always to take the original photo and use it at face value, often times reality is less than acceptable for the commercial world we live in.

When shots must be taken at inopportune times, or deadlines won’t allow for optimal conditions — we photographers must adapt and make the most of every situation.

The image manipulation in this post is one out of necessity. An alteration, of sorts, to take what was given and make what was needed. The original Alabama State Capitol photo was less than ideal for the final output, with distracting elements and obstructions that needed to be removed from the scene.

Through the use of Photoshop and with a bit of time — an acceptable final image and a satisfied client resulted. Exactly the kind out outcome I hope to achieve on every project.

Client: Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce Convention & Visitor Bureau
Location: Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama


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