Edmund Pettus Bridge Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is not among my everyday work routine, but when it presents itself, I jump at the opportunity. I have always enjoyed stretching the limits of Photoshop and photography.

On a long-since-past summer trip to Selma, Alabama, I photographed the Edmund Pettus Bridge from many different perspective views. The trip was well received by my client and proved profitable in the end. One regret was my schedule did not permit me to be in Selma that evening to shoot twilight shots of the downtown area or the bridge.

Almost a year later, I was asked by another client if I had any photos of Edmund Pettus Bridge and were there any night shots that might work for their upcoming project. My response was to send them not only the photographs I had taken, but this manipulation with explanation that possibilities were endless.


Why not reshoot the bridge, you ask?

Had there been time, or had the time of year been appropriate — I would have, and would always prefer to reshoot. However, the truth is, often times there is not time or opportunity to reshoot. The key is to not let that stop you.

I do have plans to return to Selma, soon. Until that time I have to make the best of the shots I have and use every possible manipulation to provide my clients with the largest array of possible scenarios for their projects.

Below is the original photo and a side-by-side.

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