Riverwalk Wine Festival 2013

The Riverwalk Wine Festival is an annual event that takes place in the fall in the beautiful downtown Riverfront Park. Dozens of vendors set up and thousands of visitors line up to taste the very best in wine.

I first originally started working with the Riverwalk Wine Festival at its conception. I was working closely with RSVP magazine at the time and publisher Kim Traff was the one to envisioned the event — Kim commissioned me to design the promotional material and branding. Now, four years later, RSVP is no longer the driving force behind the event, but Carter Photography & Design is still there serving as event photographer. Strange the way things change, but with change comes new opportunity I guess. Pride of Montgomery magazine is now the main sponsor with the City of Montgomery Parks and Recreation taking on managing the event details.

Below are a few select images from this years Riverwalk Wine Festival, but you can view the complete gallery here: (coming soon)
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