Exploring Items from the Past at the Alabama Department of Archives and History

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This past week I was once again afforded the opportunity to assist the Alabama Department of Archives and History in photographing its vast collection of historical artifacts. Everything from a ladies dress to a Japanese sword — all masterpieces; all sharing with us a glimpse of the past. These one-of-a-kind artifacts are meticulously cared for and preserved by the staff at the ADAH. Every hat; every musket; every bowl is treated with the utmost respect. It is a wonder how artifacts so old can be in such wonderful condition after all these years. Kudos to the curating staff at the ADAH for all their many hours spent caring to preserve our history.

If you have never been to the Alabama Department of Archives and History, you must go and see the exhibits… and if you have been, be sure and plan to go again and see the new exhibits that are scheduled to open in early 2014.

Once again, special thanks to Director Steve Murray and Communications Officer Georgia Ann Conner for the opportunity to work with the ADAH, as well as, Curator Robert Bradley and assistants Ryan Blocker and Graham Neeley.

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