A Day in the Kitchen with Chef Leonardo Maurelli III

As a photographer and graphic designer I see a lot, I do a lot and I experience a lot — but today was worthy of taking note.

Today I was given the honor of working with Executive Chef Leonardo Maurelli III and his staff at Central 129 Coosa, and when I say work with — I mean working in the kitchen! That’s right, Carter Photography & Design got busy in Leo’s kitchen preparing several dishes for his weekly Desde el Jardin.

Sidenote: I never really knew what all was required of an Executive Chef until I watched Chef Leo in action, and there is no way I can do it justice with words — but let me just say it has got to be one of the most intense jobs for anyone to pull off well.

Below are several shots I took during the day at Central 129 Coosa.

Thank you Chef Leo for allowing me the opportunity to learn from the best and rub elbows with you in the kitchen. You and your staff are truly talented and I enjoyed every minute of today. Looking forward to working with you again soon.

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