Alabama Dept. of Archives and History

Yesterday was a notable day for Carter Photography & Design as I was afforded the opportunity to help the Alabama Department of Archives and History photograph historical artifacts. From a one-of-a-kind peace metal to masterfully crafted firearms, the significance and verity of the artifacts I was working with was astounding. History has long been one of my favorite subjects, but seeing it like this and photographing it — amazing.

Special thanks to Director Steve Murray and Communications Officer Georgia Ann Conner for the opportunity to work with the ADAH, as well as, Curator Robert Bradley, Ryan Blocker and Graham Neeley for their time, care and insight into each item photographed. I look forward to working with you all in the near future to continue in the work we started and to help spread the word about what a tremendous resource we have in the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

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  1. Mom

    Make sure you let them know that your mother does genealogy and enjoys her time spent at the ADAH Library. I really do need to start going again. Just never seems to be enough time anymore. I know that you had a wonderful experience and I am just “GREEN”.

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