Photo Restoration

original-scan-robert-carterOld photos are something we all cherish, especially those that span generations back providing us a glimpse of our family heritage and of times long since forgotten.

Recently my mother asked me to restore one of the oldest photos taken of my father. She plans on using it for sentimental purposes I am sure, but she didn’t really make that clear. Anyway, she scanned the worn photograph with her home scanner and asked that I would restore the image to its original quality — before time, and my father had gotten hold of it.

You see, my Dad managed to get hold of this photo at a young age and thought it would be great to write on it and add himself a little mustache, among other things. This isn’t uncommon, most older photographs have some kind of deterioration or marks on them — a coffee stain; water damage; pen ink or marker. Colored pencil wasn’t anymore difficult than what I am use to.

The gallery below shows you the final versions of the restored photo. The reason for these versions is to allow the owner to choose for themselves the color they most prefer. Many times their choice is dependent on the final use.

3 thoughts on “Photo Restoration

  1. Mom

    Thanks you did a great job. I am still searching for my picture. It was only a wallet size and I just can’t seem to put my hand on it. But it will turn up someday. 🙂

  2. bcarter

    Hey Mom, I emailed you regarding the scan you did send. Although it wasn’t high-res, I still managed to repair the photo and make a slight enlargement to its original size. Large enough for a small print and certainly good enough quality for Facebook or the like. Love ya!

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