Executive Chef Leonardo Maurelli III

Executive Chef Leonardo Maurelli III (a.k.a. Chef Leo) has become someone that I admire for his creativity and passion — and that’s not the kind of statement I make lightly.

If you spend any time at all around Chef Leo, you will quickly see that he loves what he is doing and he knows his stuff. Always looking to create and explore something new, Chef Leo takes the local raw bounty and shapes it into a masterpiece for you and I to enjoy (see food photography).

Beyond talented, Chef Leo is also a genuinely likable guy who when given the time would just assume kick back and talk over a cold one and laugh about the latest goings on. Something many good chefs are lean on is personality, but Chef Leo isn’t afraid to come out from behind the chopping block and share with the patrons of Central — making him one of the greats in my book.

Do yourself a favor and swing by Central in Downtown Montgomery. Once you taste of Chef Leo’s work, you’ll see that there is something unique about Chef Leo and his style of cooking.

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