Strobist: Family Fun Shots

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I have the cutest family and nothing gives me more pleasure than showing them off to anyone and everyone that will provide me audience. That said, I rarely take the time to use my photography with my own family — and my wife often reminds me of this fact. So! The other day we took a moment to capture some “Family Fun Shots” and now I’m sharing them with all of you. Hopefully this is something I will try and do on a more regular basis — giving you all ideas for your own family while satisfying my own families needs. Enjoy!

4 Replies to “Strobist: Family Fun Shots”

  1. So this will help out my family that has yet to actually see this…. Helen Carter, Robert Carter, Jennifer Hassel, Daphyne Shimeall, Dianne Cottle Sullivan, Amanda Lee, Delbert Freeman, Susan Little Salter, Carole Sides, Cathy Carter Throgmartin… ya’ll pass this along, please. 😉


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