Saint James Trojans at Trinity in 7th, 8th and JV Football Shootout

This past Monday night the Saint James Trojans went on the road against the Trinity Wildcats in the 7th, 8th and JV contests. Links to the complete galleries are below. To gain access to the galleries, please contact the Saint James School office and ask for the football gallery password.

STJ at Trinity – 7th Grade (121 images):

STJ at Trinity – 8th Grade (158 images):

STJ at Trinity – Junior Varsity (78 images):

If you would like for me to try and take pictures of a certain player, please email me the athlete’s number or the cheerleader’s name. If your child appears in one of the galleries and you would like for their photo to be removed, please email me the number of the photo and to which gallery it belongs and I will remove it when possible.

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