Photos of Saint James First Pep Rally of 2011

Saint James School in Montgomery, Alabama began it’s new year with a school-wide pep rally where introductions were made of the cheerleading squad, dance team and school band. The seniors and football players had their say and all athletes were honored with a showing of school pride. The full gallery (180+ images) is here:

All STJ galleries are password protected—please contact the Saint James School office for password information.

Update: STJ vs Trinity football photos have been posted: Saint James Trojans vs Trinity Wildcats

2 thoughts on “Photos of Saint James First Pep Rally of 2011

  1. shannon Ippolito

    Goodmorning….Everyone has told me about somereally good photos of my daughter , She is a JV Cheer. I can’t located them. Can you steer me in the right direction? (I am the lady at the front desk by Evelyn’s loft door.) Thanks

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