Covering IronWorks Magazine

Working with IronWorks magazine is something I’ve enjoyed doing for many years. It all started back when I was working for Hatton-Brown Publishers and has continued throughout my cureer.

IronWorks is an excellent client and they employ a well qualified team of individuals who are dedicated to keeping IronWorks a well loved publication among the most serious of motorcyclists.

One of the many IronWorks duties I’ve had, but the only one I’ve had exclusively for years now, is designing the cover each month. I’m not 100% sure of when I started taking over the IronWorks cover designs, but if memory serves me correctly it was around ’99 or Y2K—ever since, I’ve managed to design the cover of IronWorks magazine. Below are a few I had available to post without going back into the deep dark archives.

Cover Archive:  Current – 2004 (and boy do some of these take me back)

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