Google Chrome 14 (beta) Rights all Wrong

I’ve previously written that Google Chrome had disappointed me on several occasions and that I’d be running a trial between Firefox 6 and Chrome 14 beta—that trial has ended and Google Chrome has managed to right all wrongs with it’s latest update.

Although still in beta, Google Chrome 14 has caused me to change my tune regarding the popular web browser. It’s stable, fast and well designed. I’ve yet to run into any major pitfalls and it out-performs Firefox in most areas that effect my current browsing experience.

Sure, there are still some aspects of the browser that I feel can be improved and the auto-update scared the crap out of me given their history of disappointment… However, I am officially making Google Chrome 14 my new default web browser for the foreseeable future. Goodbye Firefox, C’est la vie Safari—I’m finally converting to Chrome.

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