Chrome 14 (beta) or Firefox 6 — Which browser will win-over my iMac?

Completely disappointed with Google Chrome (see, Google Chrome Disappoints, Yet Again!) I decided to switch back to Firefox for the time being. However, just a couple of days after making that decision, I am faced with both Google Chrome 14 Beta and Firefox 6 — two highly promising updates.

Chrom 14 claims to improve many of the weaknesses mentioned in my earlier article, and Firefox 6 claims to have improved its speeds by more than 20%.

Over the next week-or-so I will be using both GC14 and FF6 to determine which version is right for me—keeping in mind that GC14 is till in beta. Once that evaluation period is complete, I will post my findings here.

FYI: This post was typed using Google Chrome 14 beta, and yes I know I used the old Chrome logo. Get over it!

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