Photo Stitching at 10785 x 15050

This isn’t by far the largest stitch job I’ve done, but it is the largest stitch I’ve attempted with my subject in motion.

For those of you who have not experimented with panoramic compositions and photo stitching through Adobe Photoshop need to give it a try. To be honest, I don’t remember how many RAW images I used to stitch this bad boy together, but I do know it’s a monster. With a pixel ration of 10785 x 15050, this image stands tall at just over 50 inches when printed at 300 dpi. Considering most images will print without loss of quality at around 150 dpi… yeah, BIG.

Click to see at 100%

To get an idea of how big this image really is, I’ve included a thumbnail preview taken at 100% in my Photoshop on my Mac. The monitor resolution at the time was 1920 x 1200 and look at the detail — and like I said earlier, “this isn’t by far the largest stitch job I’ve done”.

For those of you who are curious and the thumbnail wasn’t enough, I’m allowing you to download and use the image for free. Let’s face it, it’s big sure… but that’s about all. I’ve got to start merging playtime into work-time more effectively. LOL, enjoy.

Download 10785 x 15050, 35 MB JPEG (zipped)

One thought on “Photo Stitching at 10785 x 15050

  1. Lesli

    Oh wow! You finished it! I am still amazed that you can see the individual drops of water splashing off the fountain.

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