People Make a Difference

A cityscape without people makes any city seem like a ghost town—regardless of how interesting the town may actually be.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of work for the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce Convention and Visitor Bureau and The Official Montgomery & River Region Visitor Guide. A large portion of this work is photography, and when you are trying to bring more visitors to a city—the last thing you want them to think is that it’s dead. So I started to realize that even though I may have a killer image of historic downtown Montgomery, it’s worthless unless it shows community involvement or interactivity.

People tend to want to be where people are, they want to see places that are vibrant and “happening”. Oh sure, 5:30 a.m. may give you the perfect lighting on Dexter Avenue, but your not going to find too many people walking the streets at that time of day.

Here are a couple of images that I’ve elected to reshoot recently to get a better sense of community and involvement.

One Reply to “People Make a Difference”

  1. I like seeing the pictures side by side. Each has its own personality. With some I focus on lines and architecture and others draw my attention to curves and movement. They evoke different emotions. The first picture of the state building makes me think of strong values such as justice and honor. The one with people in it reminds me of community, equality, and interconnectedness. I suppose it just depends on what mood you are going for in a picture. 🙂


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