My Daughter, the Junior Photographer

Today I decided that since my daughter was home from daycare, I’d include her in my afternoon walk.

Every afternoon (that I can) I take a walk to clear my mind, stretch the legs and recharge the inspiration tank. What better way to spend time with my little girl are share my work experience. Kaylee is always so interested in what I do, I thought it would be a great opportunity to take her on a photo exploration around the neighborhood. She got her camera, and I got mine—here are some images that we took while on our photo-walk.

They’re not all that great, but they are special to me.

4 thoughts on “My Daughter, the Junior Photographer

  1. bcarter

    Thanks Ma*

    I didn’t mention it above, but Kaylee actually held my camera and snapped a few of the photos—all the photos where by Kaylee’s selection… “daddy, lets take a picture of the stop sign…” 😀

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