GDoS 2010 Time-Lapse Video: Great Day of Service in Montgomery, Alabama

Every year I take part in a local community outreach project called the Great Day of Service where thousands of volunteers come together under the direction of several large churches in the area to reach out and help rebuild, restore and meet the needs of the community.

For my part of the outreach I not only perform manual labor, but I setup a camera rig to take an exposure every couple of minutes for the duration of the project I am working on. After GDoS, I combine the still shots to make a stop-animation. The organization then uses the stop-animation as part of its presentation and promotion.

Above, you can watch the 2010 GDoS Stop-Animation, tomorrow I will be working with GDoS to produce the video for 2011. Let’s hope that the turnout of volunteers is high this year,and that our community is blessed by those who can give of their time and talent to care for those in need.

For more information on the Great Day of Service, visit: and to view the complete GDoS video, go to Frazer’s YouTube channel.

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