Which browser to use, IE 9 or Firefox 4? Neither, it’s all RockMelt baby!

We’ve all heard about Internet Explorer 9 changing the face of IE forever and how Firefox 4 will shake the boots off Chrome’s ever growing market share, but the real story is about the newcomer—RockMelt!

Ok, maybe that’s a little too much hipe, but I know what your thinking—just another web browser that clames to integrate social site services. Another Flock or Camino with a cheesy name and dorky icon… blah, blah, blah.

RockMelt is a different breed of social browser, and although it’s not for everyone, it does deserve attention from the online community.

Yes, the name is terrible and the icon seems like something drawn up during a sci-fi convention, but the browser itself is something unique. RockMelt, in my opinion, is the first browser to successfully integrate both Twitter and Facebook directly into the way people want to use a browser while delivering a rock solid, full-featured browser.

Built on the back of Google’s open sourced Chromium, this browser lacks almost nothing and was not designed solely for the purpose of socializing and keeping up-to-date on your latest RSS feeds. If you’re open to using Chrome, download RockMelt—they’re on to something, and if RockMelt isn’t the future of browsing, it’s engineering will set the groundwork for whoever is.

I’m not saying it will replace your Firefox or Chrome any time soon, but it’s sure to be a Flock killer.
Check it out—you’ll be sorry you didn’t! Once you do, let me know what you think.

Oh yeah, and you might recognize some of the names behind the engineering… Google it.

¶ UPDATE: Related to my previous post on Using Xmarks and 1Password to Improve Multiple Browser Use, you will be happy to know that 1P works with RockMelt. Simply use the following link from within RockMelt to install: http://aws.cachefly.net/aws/dmg/1PW3/English/OnePasswordChrome.crx – as far as Xmarks, I contacted their support team and this is the thread:

Props to RockMelt for responding so quickly—another great reason to give it a try. As far as Xmark support, I’ll be keeping an eye out for updates. BTW, good call on deciding not to go with a logo that looked like a pile of s***.

13 thoughts on “Which browser to use, IE 9 or Firefox 4? Neither, it’s all RockMelt baby!

  1. brad

    Sweet I’m about to try it out now. I liked how well it worked in the video. I’ll see how well it really works.

  2. Thatch

    I’m having the same problem with Rockmelt that I have with Chrome. The fonts are all crazy with a squares. I’ve been told it’s a problem with my fonts, but I see where a lot of people have the same problem with Chrome. Since RockMelt answered your email, do you think you could ask them about the problem or maybe they’ll read this. Google sure hasn’t responded to anyone.

  3. bcarter

    @Thatch – the problem you are referring to is a chromium bug that relates to 3rd party font management software (bug: 29729, 72727). I had the very same issue for months after Chrome was released and finding a fix was very difficult, but in doing so—I discovered a better way to manage my fonts.

    I’m guessing you’re a designer or in the print industry where you are required to have a lot of fonts. I’m also assuming that you are using something like Suitcase or FontExplorer X to manage your sets. Without going into too much detail, the problem comes in when a managed font conflicts with a system font. Chromium doesn’t know what to do and it displays the “LastResort” system font.

    Since RockMelt is a Chromium-based browser, they inherited the bug—but, it can be solved by changing the way you manage your font. What I found works best is to take your “base” set and load it into Font Book. Validate the set and be sure to make it available for all users. Then allow your font management software to manage the uber-unique fonts that you may have for clients.

    Just be sure that common fonts like Helvetica, Arial, Georgia, Times, etc. are loaded into Font Book and all should be good. I’ll try and do a full font management tutorial post sometime this week. Either way, feel free to ask questions here or through the contact form and I’ll email you when I post the article.

  4. Thatch

    That was fast. I read something similar at Mac Rumors here http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=823586

    Never go it to work because I was told by my manager not to mess with the fonts on the mac in the office. He is worried I might mess something up. I’ll wait for your tutorial and let him read it. And yes I work at a small print shop. Thanks

  5. brad

    So far my issue has been on launching after installing on OS X. The first window was the Facebook login. My user and pass would not proceed after typing it in correctly. I had to force quit several times. A few times the window would not have a user/pass field and just give me a button to open without logging into Facebook. Yet again it would not proceed and I had to force quit each time. So just assuming their could be a conflict with other browsers. I quit Chrome and Safari. After that RockMelt launched correctly.

    So far I do not have any font issues but I have never had font issues in Chrome or Chromium either.

  6. bcarter

    @Thatch – You never go to work because of a font issue?! (*smirk) Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

    @brad – Wow man, sounds like installation was Monday morning. I guess you got it up and running, how do you like it?

    pros / cons / problems – let me know, I’m curious what the general take is.

  7. Donny Freeman

    I have to say thanks to you for bailing me out of lastchance hell. After searching the web and getting bno helpful results, I deleted Chrome. I read your comment and it just clicked. I’m now using Suitcase for most of my fonts but the rest are now managed by mac font book. Chrome works fine and thanks from Waynesboro.

  8. Thatch

    Donny can you post how you did it in the Google Chromium forums? If not I’ll wait for their tutorial.

  9. brad

    Ok I just got the login to Facebook error again and no other browser was open. It’s a window with a missing image for the profile photo saying “Login not available”. It gives the option to retry or browse logged-out. For the record, my internet connection is/was not he problem. Anyone else with that issue?

    I’m still giving RockMelt a few days. Not sure if I will make it my default yet.

    • It’s based on Chromium
    • The share button is cool
    • Cleaner, much faster than Flock (at least when I last used Flock)
    • I like that Facebook chatting opens in a separate window instead of trapped in a the browser window so you can chat when RockMelt is minimized.
    • The search is interesting.

    • So far I do not like the twitter “app” so I have used TweetDeck for Chrome as I have been in Chrome previously.

    • The Facebook integration works great but sometimes I rather browse without using Facebook through the browser. So I logged out of Facebook and RockMelt restarted the browser with all my previous tabs gone. I did not see the option to restore previous tabs like in Chrome. Maybe I overlooked it.

    • If logging in to Facebook is an issue like I am having then you cannot access Twitter or the other “app” to the right side. I use Twitter more than Facebook so that needs to be corrected. Not everyone cares about Facebook enough to have a browser based on just Facebook. Flock is terrible but at least you can use other services when you have problems logging in to one or more and it will run like it should.

  10. brad

    Another thing. I added the Read It Later bookmarklets last night. They are not on my bookmark bar currently. Not sure if it’s because RockMelt refuses to log me into FB or what. That’s a bit retarded. Facebook is not that serious. Come on.

  11. bcarter

    @ALL – I’ve been in touch with the guys over at RockMelt and they asked that we send any problems or suggestions to them over at questions@rockmelt.com they also tell me they are looking into some of the items mentioned here, this is what they sent me:

    “Thanks for letting us know and sorry your readers haven’t had good experiences with RockMelt. Can you help direct them here and email any issues they have to us? I’ve also asked the team to investigate the issues Brad is seeing.”

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