LawnCare as Stress Relief

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love to spend time outdoors getting my hands dirty doing something constructive. They will also tell you that I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to lawncare—I’ve even been known to email close friends a yearly copy of my LawnCare Checklist and recipes for custom sprays and garden tonics.

Working in the yard, either on the lawn or in the garden; repairing fences or building a dog house—all of these projects may seem like more work to you, but for me it’s a way to relieve stress and recharge my batteries. So many times I sit inside at the computer pecking away at the keyboard or clicking for hours on end—going outside and getting my hands dirty is a welcomed change of pace.

I encourage everyone to find that something that mixes-up your day, changes the pace and recharges your battery. Get out for a minute and take a break—you’d be surprised how good it will make you feel.

The photo above is a shot my wife took of me while working in the yard. I can’t place the time of the shot, but I do know it was soon after we moved into the new house, probably early fall of 2007.

One thought on “LawnCare as Stress Relief

  1. Sharie

    I’m the same way, I do my best work after I’ve taken the time to relax in the flower bed. It’s hard to keep churning out the work when you feel overwhelmed. Stopping and taking a stress relief break is a good idea for anyone and it can be anything.

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