Photo Exploration: Monkey Around at the Zoo

As it warms up and many of us will start to increase the frequency of our photo explorations—let me suggest your local Zoo as one of the perfect locations to explore your photography in 2011.

Why the Zoo?

There are many reasons that the Zoo is one of the perfect locations for a photo exploration—here are just a few:

  • Contained Subjects – Your local Zoo has a wide variety of contained subjects to photograph in one centralized location. This reduces the need for you to travel around and saves you time and money.
  • People Magnet – Not only does the Zoo have a wide variety of the animals for you to photograph, but it’s an excellent place to photograph people of all ages. I also find that most people visiting the Zoo are enjoying themselves and are very open to the idea of being photographed.
  • Multiple Exposure Options – Because of the variety of subject, both human and animal alike, the Zoo presents photographers a unique experience allowing them to practice their skills behind the camera for multiple exposure types. Action shots, portraits, still like, landscape, macro, long-exposure… the possibilities are endless.
  • Freedom without Hassle – I’ve found that nearly all Zoo’s allow for photography of any kind in almost all areas of the facility. This allows you to have peace of mind that security or administration won’t pester you and force you to argue your right to photograph. Not a big deal for me, but for those introverted photographers—this is a big plus.
  • Family Friendly – I’m always looking for outings where I can multi-task between being a Dad and a photographer. The Zoo is the perfect place for me to spend time with the family and walk away from the experience with shots of more than just my wife and daughter.
  • Community – One of my favorite reasons to take photo explorations to the Zoo is to support my local community, and if you become a frequent visitor of your local Zoo—like me—than you might want to consider becoming a Zoo member or sponsor.

So hopefully these few ideas about making the Zoo your next location for a photography exploration will encourage you to give it a try and support your local Zoo. I’ve posted a few shots I took at the Zoo this past fall. I was actually taking a young ladies portrait for a local magazine at the Zoo, and I grabbed these shots while I awaited her arrival.

One Reply to “Photo Exploration: Monkey Around at the Zoo”

  1. The zoo is a good spot and so are public parks, lakes and beaches, but most of my photos come from walking the streets. I live in a very urban spot and street shots make the best shots for me.


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