Historical Photography of Montgomery Alabama in the Early 1900s from Shorpy

Many photographers and designers enjoy looking back in time and studying the roots of their passions. As a photographer and designer I’ve always been interested in historical photography and art alike.

Some may think I’m odd, but you’ll never have to ask me twice about taking a Saturday afternoon stroll through an art museum—I’m a museum junkie! Before marrying my wife, my preferred cable tv channel was either National Geographic, Discovery or the History Channel. Of course this was back in the day when they showed more documentaries than reality tv shows, but that’s another post all-together.

For those of you out there that share my interest in historical photography, check out the Shorpy Historic Photo Archive at www.shorpy.com — that’s where I found these photos of Montgomery, Alabama dating back to 1906. For high-res versions of these photos, please download them directly from the Shorpy Historical Archive.

3 Replies to “Historical Photography of Montgomery Alabama in the Early 1900s from Shorpy”

  1. Yeah, this site is an amazing resource. Perfect for use with research papers and anything historical. I haven’t done many searches on the photo archive, but those I have done delivered some excellent results. Tell the kids I said to have fun, and send me links on their favorite shots—I’d love to see them.


  2. I would be interested in seeing more posts like this one. Old photos are very interesting. Maybe you could post an old photo of the week?


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