Donate to the American Cancer Society & Save Lives!

Dancing with Celebrities Cancer BenefitI’m posting this charitable message online—something very uncharacteristic of me to do, but I believe it is important enough to pass on.

At the top of the RSVP weekly newsletter there is a request to donate to the American Cancer Society in support of their most current fund raiser, “Dancing with Celebrities”. I know that not everyone is willing to purchase a ticket for $65 to attend this event, but donations start at just $10 and all proceeds go directly to the American Cancer Society.

We have all been touched or known people that have been impacted by cancer. This is a simple way for you to help others in their fight against cancer. Please follow the link ( ) and donate today. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket, you may call Ashley Brandle at 334-834-8920 or visit

Like I said, I don’t typically post these kinds of messages unless it’s important, so donate your tax free contribution today and help save lives.

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