Why the Apple TV is a smart buy.

Apple TV Screenshot from Apple.comStarting with the initial release of the Apple TV 2 I began to consider the possibilities. Was purchasing an Apple TV right for me?

Months past and I had not yet made the decision whether or not to purchase Apple’s latest upgrade to their “hobby-box”. Christmas was fast approaching and my decision regarding the Apple TV was becoming more serious—would I official recommend this item to my wife as a possible Christmas gift, or would I just wait for Apple to make the next move?

Christmas came and went without my decision, and just when I had decided to wait on Apple—my wife brings home the Apple TV 2 for my birthday. What a surprise, and a fitting one at that. She knew what I didn’t. I really wanted to purchase the Apple TV, but wasn’t willing to invest in the device without some assurances from Apple that the product line would develop into something more than just another Netflix box.

Boy was I wrong.

The Apple TV 2, as it exists right now, is so much more than a Netflix box. The device has truly made a huge impact on the way in which my family is entertained.

Being a die-hard Mac user, having the ability to view and listen to media on my HDTV, which once only was accessible on my iMac, has significantly altered my way of viewing the Apple TV device and Apple’s strategy in relation to their “hobby-box”. Before owning the device I would have made statements like, “it’s just another Netflix box” or “it doesn’t even have support local storage and/or blue-ray”. Now that I’ve owned one, who cares!

The devise is small, indiscreet and very portable. It’s reliable, fast and the high quality consumers have come to expect from Apple. I have been completely overcome by the beauty of this little black box to the point that I rarely watch digital cable. This device is brilliant!

What would make it better?

Sure, nothings perfect and everything can stand to make improvements. So, what would make the Apple TV 2 better?

One word… Apps.

It’s my opinion after owning an Apple TV 2, that if Apple bring the App Store to their “hobby-box” they will own America’s living rooms. Yes, I know there is competition in this area, but none that will touch the Apple TV with access to the App Store. The truth is, as soon as Cupertino decides that the timing is right—look out! We’ll see a whole new revolution in home entertainment that will shake-up even the untouchable cable and satellite TV giants.

This ain’t no “hobby”, and that’s why the Apple TV is a smart buy.


10 thoughts on “Why the Apple TV is a smart buy.

  1. iOSjunkie

    Seriously great perspective on the subject and very nicely written, this undoubtedly has put a positive spin on my feeling toward the Apple TV.

  2. Emerald Brock

    Apple TV will be even better in the future, I see it rivaling game consoles. Dual processor Apple TV 3 with app store access and full touch pad to boot?

  3. Ellen Doyle

    I’m still waiting for the app capabilities. I have my doubts that they will make the move anytime soon and I expect a new direction or at least a new model release before they bring applications to the living room. I hope I am wrong.

  4. bcarter

    @Ellen – If it were not for my wife, I’d be in the same boat you are. Not that I doubt Apple will move forward with bringing App Capabilities to the Apple TV, but their timing…

    @NicNac – I’ve seen the reviews, I’ve heard the negative comments and I’ve also used the product. It’s amazing and well worth the money.

    @Emerald – I do not see Apple TV giving PS3 or XBox any real competition in the near future, but the Wii should be worried.

  5. CommandLine

    Nice blog, but the Apple TV is a waste of money even for $99. Shop around and do your research.

  6. bcarter

    @Command Line – This post isn’t about research, but my opinion. Thank you for the comment.

  7. CommandLine

    An informed opinion based on research is more valuble than personal ramblings. If your serious about your site’s content you will consider this for future posts. There are enough blog sites around that net that have no value in the sense they are no more than a conversation of ones personal feelings. If you title your post, “Why the Apple TV is a Smart Buy” than you should provide an informative answer. I appreciate your work here, and have to believe you are open-minded enough to see my point.

    See you around — M.

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