iPhone App: Instagram

Instagram is a new fast and fun way to share your photography with others. Integrated with both Facebook and Twitter, this photo sharing app is spot-on entertainment. Not only is it well designed and completely addicting—it’s also FREE! I recommend you take a beak from my site and download the app this very instant.

Let me say, there is room for improvement in the areas of recommendations, tagging and additional social integration—however, overall it’s an amazing app! This review also comes with a warning. You will become addicted to this app. Be kind and remember there are members of your family who would also like to have your undivided attention from time-to-time.

One thought on “iPhone App: Instagram

  1. brad

    I like that there are more than one uses for this app. You can be the type of user that only uses the iPhone camera, import and upload your more pro shots from a dlsr or p-n-s, only take artistic compositions, take mundane shots of what you ate for lunch, etc. or a combo of all these examples. Yea it has room to improve.

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