Do you consider yourself a web designer, print designer, photographer or all of the above?
I consider myself being all of the above, but more so with print and photography and occasionally dabbling in some web design.

Are you self taught or did you study design?
I studied design in Montgomery, AL at Auburn University Montgomery (Auburn Montgomery).

How many years have you been in the field?
I’ve been in the field for just over five years now and it’s been challenging and fun.

What is something you know now, that you wish you knew before getting into design?
Well that’s a good question considering before I decided on graphic design at the end of my high school days, I was actually thinking about being a mechanic after being in a shop class one year. I think after I talked with my art teacher I changed my mind. Something I wish I knew before getting into design is to further my art skills and learn as much as I could in college.

Are you a pressure guy or would you rather design with plenty of extra time?
I think for me plenty of time usually works best for me, but I’ve ended up with some pretty nice stuff with a lot of pressure or last minute.

What is you strength when it comes to design?
I do a lot of print design and it seems like I end up doing a lot of grungy style look although I’m trying to change, I promise. Need some diversity in my design.

What designs are you sick and tired of seeing?
Tired of seeing really bad design in magazines and ads, come on people hire a designer and not Microsoft office!

Where do you go for design inspiration?
I’m usually checking out a variety of magazines (juxtapoz, hi fructose, coilhouse, archive) and websites. Now that I live in Seattle I can just go walk downtown and see lots of great billboards and other ads.

You recently moved to Seattle, what differences have you noticed in design in Seattle vs your previous location?
Seems to have a lot more variety in design and there is a lot of great architectural design too. I think Montgomery/Alabama design seems to be a little more reserved whereas here in Seattle you’ll see a lot of different elements.

What are some critical tools you use in your designs on a daily basis?
Does my brain or Macbook Pro count as critical tools?

What do you feel are the most important skills for a designer to have or develop?
To be open-minded and be able to adapt / design for anything that is thrown your way.

What has been the greatest challenge in your quest to become a better photographer?
Lighting a still very new for me and It’s been a challenging. I’m always learning something new when I work with lights.

Lightroom or Aperture?
I originally used Aperture years back when I first got my Macbook Pro, but I started using Lightroom and like it a lot better.

Are you an introvert or extrovert?
I consider myself more of an extrovert, once in awhile I’ll go into introvert mode.

Are you a planner or a doer?
A little of each honestly.

What is the perfect design job?
To me the perfect design job is one that you think is completely awesome and really enjoy working at.

What are the top 5 sites you’d recommend to fellow designers?

What are the top 10 applications you use on your iPhone?

  • Google
  • Maps
  • Camera+
  • Flixster
  • Facebook
  • BeejiveIM
  • Alien Blue (reddit App)
  • GyroSynth

(I don’t count games as regular apps)

What is your favorite band?
Right now I guess you could say it’s Animal Collective.

Sayed Alamy is a close designer/photographer friend of mine who recently moved to Seattle. You can check out portfolio on his website at or follow him on twitter @guyeatsoctopus. Some of his photography is on Flickr and he’s been a Deviant Art member for years.

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