Tornado Workstation

I don’t know how you work, but I tend to work on the edge—pushing everything to the max! My computer, my camera, my workstation and even my body—everything runs at the highest possible output without reaching critical mass. It’s dangerous, and a bit irresponsible perhaps—but it’s how I work. Go, go, go!

Eventually things do slow down and in that brief moment I recharge my batteries, run maintenance on my equipment and tidy up the workstation—basically reloading so I can start the whole relentless cycle all over again… ah, the joy of starting your own business!

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5 thoughts on “Tornado Workstation

  1. Tim C

    Monitors stacked on Comm Arts. Nice, I used to have mine stacked on phone books but have since moved back down to the desk. I’d upload mine but I have no camera (on me). One day.

  2. bcarter

    Yeah, this setup is temporary. There is a desk set at Costco that I am looking to purchase as soon as the cash flow comes in. It will give me a ton more counter space and should provide the proper height for the monitors to sit directly on the desktop.

    When you get your workstation uploaded, post the link here! I’d love to see it.

  3. bcarter

    Daisy, that’s funny. I need a new computer—when I buy it, I’ll be getting a second monitor to go with it. So when all is said and done I’ll have four monitors… I just couldn’t do my work without the extra real estate!

    Tell me, what size is your old FAT monitor? I can remember my 21″ CRT at HB was freaking huge and weighed a ton. Of course, those old CRT monitors were much easier to calibrate and had a highlight range you just don’t find with most flat panel LCD.

    You need a new monitor? Buy this one—you’ll be very happy with the results. HP 2310e

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