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I’d like to take a moment to highlight an action script for Photoshop that was passed on to me by the developer for testing. It’s a simple script that solves a common problem for web designers that I think you will find well worth the $3 it costs to purchase. That’s right, $3—the cost of an energy drink!

What is it?

Browser UI is an action that creates a browser window around any size Photoshop document you can throw at it. You just install the action, choose a browser and play it. Check out the developers quick screencast to see how easy this thing is to use.

The $3 Deluxe Edition comes with the latest UI versions for Safari, Chrome and Firefox and works with Photoshop CS2-5. If you’re too cheap to spend the $3 or you just want to take it for a spin before giving up your next Red Bull, there’s a FREE version that wraps your design in IE6!

Final Thoughts

The way I see it, $3 for a simple problem solving action script that will save me time—sounds good to me. Props to Ben Shoults of for allowing me to procrastinate even longer before putting the final touches on my site designs.

Browser UI is not affiliated with Google, Apple, the Mozilla Foundation or Microsoft, this project has been created by Ben Shoults. Follow Ben on Twitter @bshoults

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