iPhone Camera

My iPhone 3GS isn’t equipped with the best camera in the world, but there have been many occasions where it’s all I had. For those times—having it has definitively better than having nothing at all. In a recent review of my iPhone Camera Roll—I realized I use my 3GS camera phone for a multitude of tasks, here are a few:

  • Reminder Shots – times when you need to recall the name of a wine, a magazine article or other important bit of information you don’t want to forget and you don’t have a pen and paper.
  • Reference Shots – shots taken for future reference. Examples may include scouting future locations for photo sessions or locations you want to return to when the lighting is just right.
  • Archival Shots – This is when you’d like to remember a moment. A snapshot that isn’t so much about the quality of the image, but the memory itself. Something your kid does for the first time or a special moment with friends.
  • What the Font – Being the geek I am, I find myself snapping random shots of typography so I can refer to What the Font at my leisure.
  • I told you so! – These are those random shots that you send your spouse or friends when your having a conversation over the phone and you need to prove that you really did see a monkey driving a Corvette down the middle of Main Street.

There are obviously many other reasons to use your iPhone camera, bar scanner just to name one. So what additional uses do you have for your camera phone that maybe I haven’t listed?

Oh, and just for the sake of it… I’ve shared a random selection of some of my recent cellphone shots below. (don’t worry I kept the boring reminder shots to myself)

3 Replies to “iPhone Camera”

  1. Great reasons! LOL.

    I’ve used it to snap a picture of a longer note and then sent it to hubby. It is so much faster than typing out the entire txt msg.

    Hubby uses it all the time at the store to show me options. For example, he sees two Lego sets he thinks Ry will like for xmas and wants me to choose between the two.

    And the biggest one for us would be child identification. Every time we go to the zoo, the fair, or other very crowded public place, we snap individual shots of our children. That way we have a quick record of what they look like and what they are wearing THAT day if either of them should get separated from us.


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