Vimeo Universal Player

Vimeo is finally branching out in a positive way! The video site is expanding availability through a new universal player that will “kinda” work on Apple’s iPhone and iPad mobile devices. Why do I say kinda? Because your video still won’t play on a mobile device unless your a plus user (lame!).

It’s no news that back in January Vimeo added support for HTML5 in a very limited way. Some have even suggested that their move was premature. Users who opted-in  on HTML5 video found support for the new markup was severely limited causing additional frustration as certain browsers and certain videos became taboo or unavailable. Although Vimeo is still not supporting HTML5 for all it’s complete library of videos, the addition of the universal player will make life much easier for it’s more progressive users.

Moving on, the new found ability to watch Vimeo video on iOS devices as a result of a new universal player proves the company is listening to it’s audience. The universal player is quite ingenious as it auto-detects the capabilities of the environment which the user is requesting to view the video, and for those mobile devices which don’t support Flash, that means serving-up HTML5 video files instead. The universal player goes a step further by detecting the appropriate codec, file size and bit rate for each device or browser it sends video to, and that’s pretty slick if you ask me!

If you’re looking to find out more on the universal player, along with several other new features released by Vimeo—you can view the complete press release here:

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