How To: Lomo Photography

For those of you interested in altering your digital shots to look like the cheap Lomo Photography started in Russia during the 1980s, I’ve thrown together a quick step-by-step guide along with a Photoshop CS5 action set—so now, you too may pride yourself on having a cheap compact camera from Russia!
The Process: 1, 2, 3… Simple.

Start with a basic RGB image and open the curves dialog box. Apply your standard s-curve to increase contrast. The more extreme the s-curve, the more extreme the effect on your image.

Create a new layer above the previous, and fill with black. Set the layer mode to “Hue” with an opacity between 30 and 50%.
Flatten. Sharpen. Add a Vignette (optional) & Save.

You can download the action here. It was created in CS5 and does not include the Vignette as it’s optional. If you need to know how to make a proper vignette… email me or ask in the comments section.

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