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  • NCAA College Football Becomes More Than Just a Hobby with GumpRunner.com

    Carter Photography & Design has recently completed the design of GumpRunner.com, a site dedicated to College Football Picks and Sports Opinion. The site is maintained by several like-minded individuals who all have a passion for the sport. It offers weekly picks, a pick of the week, college football opinion, college football news and current rankings. […]
  • Chosen for Select Elements

    There is a very slick jQuery plugin called Chosen available from the people over at Harvest that makes <select> tags more user friendly—very nice indeed.
  • CSS Tips For Newbies

    I get a lot of people asking me questions on how to do things in CSS or HTML5—this article by Christ Coyier over at CSS Tricks is a great little piece for newcomers to CSS (In fact, the entire CSS Tricks site is an amazing source for people wanting to learn more about CSS and […]
  • 25 Ready-Made CSS Templates on Speckyboy

    Not everyone always has the time or ability to code a site from scratch. On occasion a ready-made template—be it HTML or CSS—can establish themselves as a real life saver. One of my regular sources for information and light reading is Speckyboy Design Magazine, and he recently posted an article entitled “25 Fresh and Professional […]
  • Skipped On Wireframing

    I recently read an article by Brad Shorr over at Six Revisions called, “The Benefits of Wireframing a Design” and realized that I’ve allowed myself to skip that step more-and-more lately—I started wondering why that might be. At first thought, I started to believe that it was because it wasn’t necessary or I’ve just grown […]
  • Free Web Design PSD

    I was messing around in Photoshop while tossing around some ideas in my head—an odd interpretation of doodling I guess. So I decided to share the resulting .psd file as a free download. I might make this into a regular habit if anyone is interested. Please keep in mind that this file was not originally […]
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