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  • The new 27″ iMac is on its way!

    I finally broke down and purchased a new computer. I decided on a 27″ iMac from Apple and it should arrive in the next couple of days. My last iMac was purchased back in 2007 and has been amazing — so after nearly 6 years it’s about time to upgrade. On the flip side… once […]
  • Upgrading to Apple’s OS X Lion 10.7 – One Graphic Designer’s Experience

    This past week I started the process of upgrading to Mac OS X Lion 10.7 by updating all software and system upgrades and completing several stages of backups—both local and cloud-based. Once all software and system updates had been completed, and I felt that my backups were significantly up-to-date… I started the actual upgrade process. […]
  • Problems Updating Through Apple’s App Store

    Have you ever had the App Store tell you there was an update for one of your installed applications, but then it wouldn’t let you update that application because it says you aren’t the owner? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me today. It all started because I am trying to upgrade my existing software […]
  • Why the Apple TV is a smart buy.

    Starting with the initial release of the Apple TV 2 I began to consider the possibilities. Was purchasing an Apple TV right for me? Months past and I had not yet made the decision whether or not to purchase Apple’s latest upgrade to their “hobby-box”. Christmas was fast approaching and my decision regarding the Apple […]
  • iPhone Camera

    My iPhone 3GS isn’t equipped with the best camera in the world, but there have been many occasions where it’s all I had. For those times—having it has definitively better than having nothing at all. In a recent review of my iPhone Camera Roll—I realized I use my 3GS camera phone for a multitude of […]
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