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  • CanStockPhoto — an Alternative to iStockPhoto, but Who else is out there?

    I’ve been a faithful user of since my days in college. I can remember when nearly all their images were just a buck — but over the years their prices have continued to climb at an alarming rate. Thanks to a friend, I was recently introduced to and have really enjoyed their service. That said, […]
  • Merry Christmas from Carter Photography & Design

    I’d like to take this time to wish all my clients, friends and family a very Merry Christmas and offer a brief reminder of what Christmas is really about: “Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. This will be a sign to you: […]
  • Google+ Page for Carter Photography & Design

    Carter Photography & Design has just started a Google+ Page that will be used to update users on services, current projects, photography sessions, events, websites and completed designs. You can check out the page for yourself at —
  • Lens Rating and Comparison Website

    I’ve recently been made aware of a website you may want to check out—DxOMark by DxO Labs ( ) provides photographers with photo equipment comparisons and ratings to assist them in their future purchases. If you are looking to buy a new lens, DxOMark might just help narrow down which lens is right for you. I […]
  • Chosen for Select Elements

    There is a very slick jQuery plugin called Chosen available from the people over at Harvest that makes <select> tags more user friendly—very nice indeed.
  • Matt Cutts: Googler, Webspam Police Chief & Webmaster Host

    I recently started watching the webmaster videos from Google where I ran into Matt Cutts for the first time—I know, I’m probably way behind on the times. Anyway, the videos are very informative, but what’s even more interesting is Matt himself. Check out Matt’s blog where he has some excellent posts on Google and SEO. […]
  • Think Quarterly, a Magazine for Google Partners and Advertisers

    I first saw mention of this over at Cameron Moll’s Tumblr site,, and then a few other hits here and there on Twitter and Facebook. When I did manage to take a moment and check it out for myself, I was impressed by what I saw. Never really thinking of Google as a source […]
  • Six Revisions on IE9 as a Web Designers Nightmare

    With IE9 and Firefox 4 being released, there is a lot of talk on the web about browsers and what their new versions bring to the table—what impact they might have on the web developers. Six Revisions recently posted a great little article on IE9 and I recommend everyone checking it out.
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