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  • Krutz Wine Dinner
    29Apr '14
    Krutz Wine Dinner
    Last week I was fortunate enough to work with Chef Leonardo Maurelli, III of Central and Chef Collin Donnelly of...
  • #stonemgm
    09Apr '14
    In support of bringing Stone Brewing Co. to Montgomery and the Montgomery Loves Stone social media campaign, Carter...

Bryan is smart, savvy, efficient and has a way of cutting through the fluff to get to the heart of the matter – something I truly appreciate and have often benefited from. These qualities are in addition to his elegant graphic design sense and adeptness with various software programs that allow his style to shine. When working with Bryan I don’t ever get the sense that he’s disconnected or uninformed. On the contrary, it’s my belief that he makes the effort to learn and research a topic in advance to be prepared. He offers suggestions and can shift gears with no ego or fuss if new information comes to light – making him a pleasure to work with.

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